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toLabel() function in SOQL

  • toLabel() is used to convert the results of a field into user’s language.
  • toLabel() can convert the results into user’s language, if the translation workbench is enabled.
  • In all Salesforce edition we can use toLabel().
  • For picklist and Record type values we can use the toLabel() function in SOQL.

Here is an example:

SELECT Name, toLabel(Industry) FROM Account


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Not Like Operator in SOQL

Sometimes we need “NOT LIKE” operator in SOQL.
But SOQL will not allow someone to write simple query using “Not Like” operator such as:

SELECT Name From Account Where Name Not Like '%Test%';

So, here is the solution:

SELECT Name From Account Where Not Name Like '%Test%';

If you are using “GROUP By” clause with “Not Like” operator, here is an example:

SELECT Name From Account Where Not Name Like '%Test%' Group By Name;