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Salesforce Platform APIs

  • REST API: Access objects in your organization using REST.
  • SOAP API: Integrate your organization’s data with other applications using SOAP.
  • Tooling API: Build custom development tools for Force.com applications.
  • Chatter REST API: Access Chatter feeds and social data such as users, groups, followers, and files using REST.
  • Bulk API: Load or delete large numbers of records.
  • Metadata API: Manage customizations in your org and build tools that manage the metadata model (not the data, itself).
  • Streaming API: Provide a stream of data reflecting data changes in your organization.
  • Apex REST API: Build your own REST API in Apex. This API exposes Apex classes as RESTful Web services.
  • Apex SOAP API: Create custom SOAP Web services in Apex. This API exposes Apex classes as SOAP Web services.
  • Data.com API: Data.com provides 100% complete, high quality data, updated in real-time in the cloud, and with comprehensive coverage worldwide.