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Partial Apex DML Example in Salesforce

List <Account> conList = new List <Account> {
 new Account(Name = 'Test Account1', Phone = '8888888888', Industry = 'Agriculture'),
 new Account(Name = 'Test Account2', Phone = '7777777777', Industry = 'Banking'),
 new Account(Name = 'Test Account3', Phone = '9999999999', Industry = 'Finance'),
 new Account()

Database.SaveResult[] srList = Database.insert(conList, false);

for (Database.SaveResult sr : srList) {
 if (sr.isSuccess() ) {
  //Develop code for successfully inserted Accounts
  System.debug('Successfully inserted Account ' + sr.getId());
 } else {
  for (Database.Error err : sr.getErrors()) {
   //Develop code for failed Accounts
   System.debug(err.getStatusCode() + ' : ' + err.getMessage() + ' : ' + err.getFields());

Convert sObject to JSON String and JSON String to sObject Using Apex in Salesforce

Sample Code:

Account acc = new Account(Name = 'Account Name', Phone = '8888888888', Industry = 'Agriculture');
//Code to convert Account to JSON string
String str = JSON.serialize(acc);
system.debug('Account JSON Data - ' + strJSON);
//Code to convert JSON string to Account
Account acc1 = (Account)JSON.deserialize(str, Account.Class);
system.debug('Account Data - ' + acc1);


Set Default Value in Picklist in Lightning Component

Here in below example the default value in picklist is “Apple”.
Lightning Component:

    <ui:inputSelect aura:Id="brandId" multiple="false" label="Select Brand">
        <ui:inputSelectOption label="Apple" text="Apple" value="true"/>
        <ui:inputSelectOption label="Nokia" text="Nokia"/>
        <ui:inputSelectOption label="Samsung" text="Samsung"/>
        <ui:inputSelectOption label="Google" text="Google"/>
        <ui:inputSelectOption label="Mi" text="Mi"/>